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El Jardin de Playa Negra

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El Jardin de Playa Negra

If what you’re looking for is a magical place to work and be inspired, you’re in the right place!

Less than 300 meters from the beautiful Playa Negra you will be welcomed in our beautiful “Jardin”. It is 5000 mt2 of lush jungle in which there are 3 houses built of wood and all strictly in typical Caribbean style! There are 4 beautiful apartments at your disposal, finely furnished and equipped with every comfort! Inside the garden you can work comfortably and relax in the hammock, listening the sounds of nature or discovering amazing plants and animals.
The “pueblo”, Puerto Viejo, is a 10-minute walk on the shore of an incredible beach with sand fine as flour but black like coal, while, with a ride through the jungle, you can reach some of the most famous beaches in Central America as Punta Uva or Aracife! Here you can stay, work and have fun thanks to the many activities that we can organize for you, such as surfing lessons, excursions more or less adrenaline, beach-hop, and yoga that we do every morning and that is open to everyone, experts and not.

The Caribbean will become your new office.
Not bad, huh? 

Good vibrations and Pura Vida. These are the Caribbean.

Immersed in the wild, between the jungle and the sea, you can take the time to work and really enjoy your free time. Let yourself be inspired by the “caribbean vibes“!

Puerto Viejo is an explosive mix of history and traditions linked both to the first African-Jamaican communities that populated it and of which there are still many descendants, and to the representatives of the more than 50 nationalities that over time have settled there to work or change their lives.
The atmosphere in the pueblo is relaxed and cheerful, the locals are nice and helpful and you live according to the mantra of the PURA VIDA that is so difficult to explain in words as beautiful to live in person.

The “buena vibra” that characterizes this small Caribbean country will accompany you throughout your stay making you feel really at home (if not better), and will also allow you to work more productively and focused on your goals.
Between coworking sessions you can take a break with a dip in the ocean, a yoga session or a zipline flight. Much better than just coffee at the office machine, don’t you think?

The meditative Isola del Giglio

If what you are looking for is a place to start a new adventure then this island is the right place !!

About 11 miles from the Argentario promontory we find the Isola del Giglio and from its highest promontory (498 meters above sea level) you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Tuscan archipelago. This island is a natural beauty between the crystalline emerald sea, the rich and fishy depths, and a territory that is still wild for 90% where the low Mediterranean scrub still reigns with its colors and scents. A small refuge with every comfort is at your disposal so you can work exploring the 3 villages and choosing where to stay day by day.
Beautiful sandy beaches and isolated coves, ancient paths immersed in rich nature, a picturesque harbor and the charming medieval village of Giglio Castello make, in fact, the Isola del Giglio a place to be discovered. It is the ideal destination to start a journey, especially suitable for those who like to have an authentic relationship with nature and the rustic village environment, the sea, walks, birdwatching, minerals and the ancient history of this island. Being able to reach any part of the island on foot is the right place to rediscover your genuine rhythm and focus on your ideas.

Have you ever thought about working from an island? Not bad, huh?

Good food and good living. Italy on an island.

Not too far from the continent but separated from the hectic world you can rediscover a way of working and living on a human scale and a contact with nature with a Mediterranean flavor. Let yourself be slowed down but work hard!

Giglio Castello, Giglio Porto and Giglio Campese are the three villages of the island: a mix of history and traditions that are lost over time. Here many things have remained slow and the value of time is sacred.
The relationships that are born here are healthy as well as the group and work friends are a pillar of collaboration. You will really have the time to discover the value of stopping to think about your life and your business.

Far from the clamor, in the simplicity of this island you can change your personal and professional habits to gain valuable time for yourself and for your business. The island is the right place to feel free to change for the better.
Between a coworking session and the other you can take a break with a dip in the sea, a walk to the lighthouse, an excursion to discover the ancient history of the place or a good meal in the village.

Much better than a break at water cooler, don’t you think?

Why stay with us?


You can choose to stay for 1 week or a month or travel with the school for 3, 9 months or 1 year. You can choose when to take lessons online or stay. You will always find a place that can inspire new ideas and make you work as hard as possible to achieve them or simply to find out how simple it is to be happy.


Good vibes and “pura vida” are contagious, so much so that after attending school for a while you will start working and having fun like never before, experimenting with new balances. In all this you will be supported by a guide and by the group of students and alumni happy to help you realize your dream of life and work


The jungle corner in the Caribbean or the relaxed Isola del Giglio in the Tyrrhenian Sea will help you find the right balance between work and personal well-being thanks to a deep contact with nature

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