Why to be happy

When you are happy you live better

Most people think that if they become successful, then they’ll be happy. But recent discoveries in psychology and neuroscience show that this formula is backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we’re happy, our brains are more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, and productive. Happier people have better overall health and live longer than their less happy peers. They are around half as likely to catch the cold virus and have a 50% lower risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event such as a heart attack or stroke. So happiness is fundamental also for health, life and performance of athletes and people that play sports. There is now extensive research showing the health benefits of happiness for individuals. For example, the evidence that positive emotions contribute to better health and longer life is stronger than that linking obesity to reduced longevity.

Health means that we sleep well and wake up refreshed, we smile and feel well with ourselves, meet many friends or stay well with our family. Thanks to happiness we are focused on what we do and what we will do in the future. Happiness may influence higher future income, it means that the emotional well-being is key to future success, think what happens for children and adolescents as show in this research.
But happiness is also “carpe diem” and taste what we have, believe in yourself and realize our dreams, be authentic.
In our life we spend more time with people whom we stay well, we experience the present, we eat better and taste more, we feel more ourselves, give catch and we are grateful, celebrate the achievements, we do what we love and we love what we do, we care ourselves and we like our selves.

When you are happy you work better

It is tragic that many people say they’re unhappy at work as shown in a recent survey where over 50% of employees are unhappy. This happens in all countries. An other survey, with a worldwide view, says that 87% of employees is unhappy. Therefore is necessary that employees are engaged so that drive global business success.
Considering most of us spend nearly half our waking hours at work, this is such a waste of human energy and potential. Our working lives don’t have to be miserable; all workplaces can, and should, be happy and fulfilling places to be. Evidence shows that happier workplaces bring very significant benefits, both for the people who work there and for organisations as well.
Happier people not only have better overall health; they’re also more creative, more productive, better to work with and more successful in their careers.
In fact, as it has been shown, happiness has a significant causal effect benefit on the productivity of employees.

In a recent study, one group received an intervention which increased their happiness levels, while those in a control group did not. Treated subjects were found to have 12% greater productivity in a paid task.
Happier organisations also outperform their competitors. A study looked at the stock market performance of the “100 Best Workplaces” in the US (based on positive feedback from employees about working there) over a 12 year period from 1998 to 2010. The Best Workplaces achieved an average annual return of 10%, outperforming the benchmark S&P 500 index which returned an average of only 3.8% over the same period. Companies with happy employees have stocks that beat the market.
Happier people are more creative and collaborative, they work better in team and have happy relationships also in the workplace; it means that they are more focused, purposeful, operational and engaging, they have more time to plan so they can choose.

When you are happy you love better

Relationships are important and happiness help them. Researchers of University of Minnesota talk about importance of relationships. When we are happy we create balanced relationships in which all parties feel good, safe, valued, and loved. And this doesn’t just go for one gender – it goes for all.
We live time with other people better and you want to play, talk with others and share moments. We start to appreciate also silence beacuse we feel emotions. Sometime we could want to sing!

We are able to create the world around us, amuse ourself and establish authentic relationships. We are stimulated in more pro-social behaviour like donations and help others. In our family we have a more qualitative relationship with children.
We plan the future together with other people or boy/girlfriend. Yes we make love, we give flowers. Finally we understand better other people, we communicate and support better, moreover we have space to be freak!

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