Live happily, working everywhere.

Learn to work remotely while you learn to be happier in a travel experience across the world!

Change your life and work paradigm by choosing the office only as an option.


When you learn to work and collaborate remotely and have maximum productivity with the freedom to work anywhere you see endless opportunities for your career and your business.

We work 100% remotely and teach you how best to do it during a personal and professional transformation experience around the world, regardless of the degree of complexity required by your job, position or role.

If you want to start, or improve, your way of working remotely without travelling, our workshops and experiences will teach you to take the first step and get on the right track.


Work is what you do and not where you are.

Objective happiness (at work).


Working very well remotely is useless if you are not fully happy. Being happy in life and work is a great goal that is fully attainable.

You are followed on a path of personal and professional growth that:

  • explores the current context, satisfaction and aspiration, the level of work-life fusion and the way of working
  • creates awareness of the elements that increase well-being
  • measures the results obtained and accompanies you to the next step

Our approach is scientific and pragmatic. We use tools developed by us and our partners, skilfully combining design thinking, behavioural sciences and positivism, life and business design, lean and change management. That’s it!



Mens sana in corpore sano

The work-life balance is dead.
Long live to work-life fusion.


We know how difficult it can be to reconcile life and work. It is important to be aware of how you spend your 1440 minutes.



You’ll hear “Pura Vida” exclaimed all over Costa Rica. It’s more than just a statement, it’s a way of life.

It literally means living a serene, simple life, an orderly life with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends. A “true” life that brings happiness, well-being, condescension and satisfaction.

“Pura vida” means being grateful for the things in your life rather than dwelling on the things you don’t have.

And the work? We did just that and applied it to work. That’s why in our co-living you can work great and enjoy life.

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Starts living and working in Costa Rica

from our beautiful garden in Playa Negra

Welcome to the jungle.

Need inspiration for your projects? Want to have fun while pushing your productivity to the limit? Or would you like to enjoy the Pura Vida of the Caribbean?

Your life and work experience goes through the Caribbean jungle.

At our property you can work from your verandah in the middle of nature, relax with yoga, take a break in the ocean or find your alignment during meditation.

Trust me, we’ve been working 100% remotely for many years and we know how to make you feel better.


The unforgettable experience continues

on the Isola del Giglio

isola del giglio

Welcome to the magical atmosphere of one of the most beautiful islands in Italy.

Do you like the contact with wild nature? And live immersed in the history and traditions of a Medici village?

The experience continues as we help you design your business and life idea or improve existing ones. You’ll have internationally renowned experts, breathtaking views, juicy food and more at your disposal.

Work anywhere.
Gain growth experiences around the world.
Be happy in life and work.

We believe in all this!

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Some initiatives we like to talk about


We have been co-organizers of the most important event of Smart Working in Italy, with which, travelling around Italy on tour, we talked about remote working and smart working.


The week of training, vacation and work to learn how to become a remote worker and live as digital nomads. In collaboration with Nomadi Digitali, EverMind and Home for Creativity..


The original and memorable remote lean coffee. The monthly online appointment to discuss the topics of remote work, digital nomadism, smart working and wellness.

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