Our Happy Genetic Model© is peerless

We use a multidisciplinary method that adapts oneself to the client needs. It blends design thinking, behavioural analysis, dialogical approach, coaching, lean and change management, internationally proven practices as Management 3.0.
Happy Genetic Model© is the result of 2 years of concept and research and can be applied to teams, startups, companies and organisations such as government. Some interesting elements inside the model:

Happy Retreat

A fresh unconventional adventure to reboot the mind, learn techniques and experience with them that increase happiness in a work environment.

Happiness Map

The toolkit identifies happiness power and pain points of employees and organization using our own 5-dimensions.

Happy Workspace

The participatory planning allows to enhance office workspace quality that improves well-being of employees.

Weekly Session

Our model can become a 5-day sprint with stakeholders that answers to critical HR questions about happiness at work, welfare, well-being. During the sprint we design the new work environment.

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