All of us want a workplace where people flourish.
How can we make that happen?

Come to know and learn. Within a day you will be aware of research, tools and experiences that will teach you a method to apply key factors that make people happier at work.
That means people are more motivated, more creative and therefore more satisfied. They can work better with others, solve problems instead of complaining, more energetic, more optimistic, more healthy, less concerned about making mistakes and able to take best decisions. Happiness at work is important and each of us can make a difference.

You can learn how to make the first “small” steps to settle happy habits. Happiness is a dynamic and ongoing process because it has to do with the quality of presence. We will use awareness practices to form emotional intelligence that leads to resilience, positive mindset for a centered leadership.
Increased complexity “out” requires clarity “inside”. It’s about finding the inner ability to create and truly understand others, and build a strong company culture. And it’s surprisingly fun.

Happiness is a skill that rocks


This seedshop is a meaningful experience, highly interactive with theory and practice, led by co-founder of Fullglass, Giovanni B. Pozza and Nicoletta Foresti. We will clarify many issues related to the welfare and happiness at work, individual and group, so if you want to come with your colleagues will be very useful and it will give a boost to the team’s cohesion. We will share the tools and methods we have seen work well in our experience with the teams and companies.

The workshop is dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to increase happiness of employees, specialists and HR managers, facilitators who want to acquire the ability to create happier work environments, consultants who want to know how to make their teams more motivated and finally, employees who are interested in changing their approach to work.
Everything you learn you can put into practice the next work day!


Jurgen Appelo



Key factors

You will learn the key factors that allow people to be happier at work and you will understand how to identify the corporate culture elements that need to be changed.


Good practices

You will learn to create an action plan to increase happiness at work, in your team or company, through practices recognized internationally as Management 3.0.


Snares and traps

How and why operations on happiness fail? Our experience will help you to not waste time and start off on the right foot.


We are among the world’s leading experts on happiness at work.

We are part of a global business network that gives us a unique insight on the best experiences in the world..

We like to take care of the personal and professional sphere.

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