Learn best remotely or in person.

A specialized training to work remotely and be happy at work

You could be at the beginning of your journey to become a flexible professional or a remote team or at the beginning of your “remote” process as a company or you could already be a rockstar working remotely with a perfectly organized virtual team. At any time you may need tools and support to improve your profession, your team or your remote company.

We are ready to turn you into a professional remotely. And are you ready to become one?


At the center of all our approach is the person, the element that really makes things happen.


Business understanding is the key to building goals and results.


Technology is the means to accelerate collaboration and make work more productive.








Objective remote work.

You change step by step towards a healthy remote working mode

Remote work is the most obvious flexible working method because people work outside the offices. Smart working is a new philosophy based on flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, schedules and tools to be used.

Both ways of working return few results without adequate training and a new digital mind-set. For this reason already dozens of managers have chosen our paths based on the pillars of productivity – collaboration – leadership.

Happiness is a skill

The best way to bring happiness to work is to choose it.

Being happy individually is the first step towards personal growth and you can reach it by working on yourself as each of your team members can. Instead, being happy together requires developing skills on the key factors that determine happiness at work.

During an intense and happy workshop day you will have the opportunity to experience happiness at work for you and your team, and then continue your journey remotely with us.





Online with the best tools

Software + verbal and non-verbal communication principles maximize results.





VR Training every day

Virtual reality is our favorite technology for collaborating online. Find how.

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